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How do you keep your natural hair healthy with all the coloring? Can you also tell me what color you use?

Well I try to deep condition at least once a month and then do a protein treatment every two months. The dye that I use is ammonia, peroxide and alcohol free so it doesn’t damage my hair at all. I just try to moisturize regularly cause dyed hair can get pretty dry. I also trim my ends [sometimes every 3 months] as to get rid of/minimize split ends. 

Also, when I re-bleach my roots, I always do deep conditionings beforehand as to minimize overall damage.

This is what my hair color looks like now:


It’s a mixture of Adore’s Violet Gem and African Violet. It’s more purplish than pinkish in person. So far, I have only used dyes by Adore and Raw.

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